The 1st of several new advertisements appearing in print, video & on the Internet as we launch the new seal that brings together all our brands as one creative unit.

The seal will be used often as a mark of quality for projects designed by our brands. Where necessary, it will appear as a ‘Seal Of Approval’ on projects we develop with you, and with our creative partners in different states & countries.

The round-shaped seal with the ‘5’ displayed prominently in the middle is composed of some major features (colors, shapes, themes & fonts) you’ve seen on our different logos. It took 2 days to design in early September & has been tested on numerous websites and multimedia.

The girl in the advert is Tuma, my youngest sister whom I filmed a few months ago in Mombasa, Kenya. Like other fam & close friends, you will see her in more ad spots soon. She joins the ranks of my two close friends, one based in St. Petersburg, Russia and another in Davis, California, USA who have featured in our recent ads. Many thanks to them.

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