3 SIP accounts, voicemail, MWI, hotline, emergency call Call hold/waiting/transfer/forward/recording/completion BLF/BLA, call park, call pickup, intercom, paging, dial plan 3way conference, DND, mute, speed dial, autoanswer XML browser, XML phonebook, LDAP phonebook, black list, SMS Volume control, rings selection, tone scheme, distinctive ringtone Multilanguage, system log, trace package export, admin/user modeNETWORK FEATURES SIP 2.0, NAT transverse: STUN mode IP assignment: DHCP / Static IP / PPPoE Autoprovision for firmware, configuration, ringtone, phonebook etc. Auto provision via TFTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP Open VPN, TLS, 802.1x, VLAN QoS (802.1pq), ToS, DSCP DTMF: Inband, RFC2833 and SIP info Standard encryption and authentication (AES, MD5, AND MD5sess)VOICE FEATURES HD voice: HD codec, HD handset, HD speaker FUll duplex speakerphone with AEC HD wideband voice codec: G.722 Narrow band voice codecs: G.711, G.726, G.729AB, G.723.1 Supports VAD, CNG, PLC, AJB, AGC Supports SRTP voice encryptionPHYSICAL FEATURES TI TITAN chipset Backlit 132×64 pixels graphic LCD with 4level grayscales 45 keys including 4 soft keys and 13 programmable keys Supports up to 6 expansion modules (EXP38/EXP39) 2 x RJ45 ethernet ports, 1 x RJ9 headset port Power over ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) optionalYEASIPT26P

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