The life of luxury is what many people strive for over their lifetimes, and those that achieve it typically have nicer things than most. Expensive cars, large houses and high-cost clothing are images that typically come to mind when people think of luxury, but some wealthy people extend their extravagant spending to another area as well: their food.

Today’s infographic from The Huffington Post goes over 10 of the world’s most expensive dishes, a surprising amount of which are regular, everyday foods that have had an expensive twist put on them.

Things like pizza with lobster and rare spices to a $1,000 gourmet hot dog make this list, with most of the entries costing at least $1,000. Many of the dishes look interesting, such as the beer that’s packaged in roadkill, but their high price tags are definitely deterrents for the average person.

For more info on the list of dishes refer to the infographic below.


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