From the Foreword by Professor Leonidas J. Guibas “Geometry, graphics, and vision all deal in some form with the shape of objects, their motions, as well as the transport of light and its interactions with objects. This book clearly shows how much they have in common and the kinds of synergies that occur when a common core of material is presented in a way that both serves and is enriched by all three disciplines. This book truly establishes bridges where they make the most impact: early on in a student’s education. The book can also benefit graduate students and researchers across all parts of computer science that deal with modeling or interacting with the physical world. The material is methodically organized, the exposition is rigorous yet well-motivated with plenty of instructive examples.” Visual Computing: Geometry, Graphics, and Vision is a concise introduction to common notions, methodologies, data structures, and algorithmic techniques arising in the mature fields of computer graphics, vision, and computational geometry. The central goal of the book is to provide a global and unified view of the rich interdisciplinary visual computing field. The book is written for undergraduate students and game development and graphics professionals. Lecturers in computer graphics and vision will also find it complementary and valuable. The book aims at broadening and fostering readers’ knowledge of essential 3D techniques by providing a sizeable overall picture and describing essential concepts. Throughout the book, appropriate real world applications are covered to illustrate uses and generate interest in adjacent fields. The book also provides concise C++ code for common tasks that will be of interest to a broad audience of practitioners.

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