2013 has come and gone, and I’d say it was darn good year overall. It left behind some pretty awesome infographics as well. Today’s post features Daily Infographic’s top ten infographics of 2013. Want to share your opinion? Hop on over to SodaHead to vote on your favorite infographic of 2013 here!


Let’s start off with one of my favorite combinations — food and wine. Our top pick for 2013 is a simple, attractively designed infographic that lays out the best way to pair food with wine (which just might come in handy for your next dinner party or social event). According to this graphic, dry wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and White Table Wine pair best with veggies, while a bold red wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, goes best with red meat. A rich white wine like Chardonnay goes great with hard cheese, and a sweet white wine, like Moscato or Riesling should be eaten with soft cheeses. If you’re interested in planning a great evening be sure to check out this graphic. [Via]

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Our next graphic features one of the most elusive and fleeting things in existence — time. As the infographic points out, “Humans are good at a lot of things but putting time in perspective is not one of them.” Our second pick clearly lays out our lives and human history on a time line. It starts with the last twenty-four hours and moves down through time up to the beginning of everything — the Big Bang. This graphic is particularly clean, streamlined and neatly laid out — if only our actual lives were just like that. [Via]

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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.28.08 AM


Number three on the list features man’s best friends — our canine companions. All dogs obviously cannot be lumped into one category. There are hundreds of different breeds out there, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if some of them actually are dogs, but this infographic from National Geographic has divided up different types of dogs into four groups: wolf-like, herders, hunters, and mastiff-like. It’s interesting to note that ‘hunters’ make up the vast majority of dog breeds and I never would have expected ‘wolf-like’ or ‘mastiff-like’ to be a categorization indicator. Check out this graphic to see what category of dog your pup falls into. [Via]

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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.30.14 AM


Our fourth infographic is so important for the human mind. This graphic specifies twenty-nine ways to stay creative. It’s very easy to get into a funk when you’re not exercising your creative capabilities, and this infographic will hopefully help get your creative juices flowing. Sing in the shower, free write, read a page of the dictionary, etcetera, etcetera, but most importantly, be open. The rest of the suggestions probably won’t work if you don’t keep an open-mind. [Via]

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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.31.54 AM


Our fifth pick features a language of sorts, that I’ll admit, I’m not too familiar with — coding. This computer language, makes the programs and operating systems that we use every day run properly, and this infographic lays out just how many lines of code it takes to run some of these programs. The healthcare government website seems to take the cake, while iPhone game apps use smaller amounts of code. [Via]

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.38.59 AM


Number six takes a look at personality types of the those that are fortunate to have achieved success, money, and power. Take a look, you just might have a similar personality to your hero! [Via]

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 8.40.32 AM


The seventh infographic on our list features the “United Sports of America” in a very cool way. Every state has a signature sport, and this infographic captures this beautifully. Texas (Daily Infographic’s homeland) is of course represented by football, and more surprisingly gymnastics. [Via]

United Sports of America


Number eight discusses cats and their potential to become medicine shamans. The vibrations of their purrs may be medically therapeutic for illnesses. [Via]

The Healing Power of Cat Purrs


Our ninth pick features luscious locks, cascading tresses, and just straight up hair. Check out this infographic for everything odd that you ever wanted to know about hair. [Via]

50 Insane Facts About Hair


If you’re in the mood for good stories with a little danger check out number ten. The top seven greatest heists in history are featured on this graphic, and some of them may shock you. [Via]

Seven Greatest Heists in History

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