TomTom’s award-winning software means ground-breaking new technology for the ultimate driving experience. Switch on and go right out of the box. Just enter the address on the touchscreen or use voice address entry and start driving anywhere in the US or Canada. TomTom guides you door-to-door with turn-by-turn spoken instructions, including street names. TomTom has the most accurate maps and with TomTom Map Share technology you can instantly modify street names, street direction, and POIs on your own device. New IQ Routes gives you the fastest route every time by using actual average speeds of travel to calculate your trip rather than posted speed limits. Enhanced Positioning Technology gives you uninterrupted navigation even in tunnels or highly built-up areas. And now, Advanced Lane Guidance brings even more clarity to complex multi-lane exits so you can be even more confident on the road. The GO 930 makes driving even safer with handsfree calling. And with the Help Me! menu, there are added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers. The TomTom GO 930 is the ultimate car navigator.If you’re looking for the ultimate portable GPS navigator, you’ve got to consider the 930 series. TomTom’s 2008 flagship models bring all of their technological advancements together with ease of use and a sleek design to present a severely cool device. For a couple of year’s now, TomTom’s been driving forward community-driven navigation features. They began by introducing with Map Share, which lets you instantly modify street names, street direction, and custom locations called points of interest (POIs) on your own device, then upload them to TomTom’s HOME network and download changes made by all of the other users. When you do this, TomTom gets to find out what routes your device has been taking. The data is anonymous, but it’s given TomTom an enormous pile of route and speed data, which they’ve used to tie community data to routing with their new IQ Routes™ feature, which calculates routes using the actual recorded  average speeds of travel to calculate your trip rather than posted speed limits, giving you an extremely accurate prediction of how long any given route will actually take at any given time. There are a host of other interesting features, and you can read about them here.

Key Features and Benefits

  • NEW–IQ Routes always the smartest route based on actual average road speeds (Learn more)
  • NEWAdvanced Lane Guidance makes difficult junctions easy to navigate (Learn more)
  • Easy to Use right out of the box (Learn more)
  • Latest Map Guarantee means if a new map is released within 30 days of purchase, you can download it for free from TomTom HOME (Learn more)
  • Enhanced Positioning Technology gives you uninterrupted navigation, even in tunnels or highly built-up area (Learn more)
  • Voice Address Input lets you speak your destination, and TomTom will do the rest (Learn more)
  • TomTom Map Share lets you instantly modify street names, street direction and POIs on your own device and benefit from others’ corrections (Learn more)
  • “Help Me!” Emergency Menu gives one-touch access to local emergency providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals
  • Bluetooth lets you use your TomTom as a hands-free phone kit with your compatible Bluetooth phone.(Learn more)
  • FM Transmitter lets you get navigation instructions or play MP3s through your TomTom over your car stereo
  • Preloaded Complete Maps of the US, Canada and Europe with TeleAtlas data
  • Branded Location Icons help you easily find your favorite gas station, restaurant, hotel and more
  • Traffic-Capable for two services, TomTom Traffic with a compatible bluetooth cell phone and data plan, or RDS-TMC with optional receiver (Learn more)
  • Daily Fuel Prices (Optional Service) to find the lowest priced gas on your route

Step Up Models

  • 930T — Included RDS-TMC traffic information receiver and 1-year subscription to TMC traffic information service

Learn More

Easy To Use

Clear and easy widescreen interface

Enhanced POI information

Buy a TomTom device and it works straight out of the box: Just plug it in and a few taps of the touchscreen later, you’re on your way. TomTom’s easy-to-use interface has been extensively tested by by independent assessors in the field and at TomTomÂ’s unique User Experience Labs.

Widescreen View and FM Transmitter
The  4.3-inch, extra-wide, touch-screen LCD display features anti-glare technology for easy viewing even in direct sunlight. Realistic and clear visual instructions are provided with high-quality 3D graphics, while spoken instructions tell you where you need to go in your own language. As an added convenience, text-to-speech functionality provides you with actual street names. The built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo.

Worldwide Maps
Comes preinstalled with complete maps of the United States, Canada and Europe.

Remote control
An improved Bluetooth remote control enables drivers to operate the device safely from anywhere in the car without having to reach over to the device.

Help When You Need It
Extensive safety features including ‘Help Me’ menu, to give drivers direct access to emergency services and roadside assistance;

navigation screen
Icon-driven menu system

help screen
Emergency menu gives you fast direct access to emergency numbers and direction to the nearest assistance

New TomTom IQ Routes™

IQ Routes Example
Did You Know? IQ Routes technology gives you a faster route in over 50% of all your journeys.
TomTom provides the fastest and most efficient routing possible. IQ Routes uses historical road-speed data from millions of TomTom users to calculate your optimal route for that specific time and day. Giving you local knowledge on a global scale..

We all know traffic is different during a Monday morning rush hour from a lazy Sunday afternoon. And we all want the best shortcuts to bring us to our destination in the fastest way possible. But heavy traffic, speed bumps, traffic lights, rotaries and even pedestrians or shopping crowds can slow you down. That handy shortcut youÂ’re looking for changes depending on the time and day so the shortest route isnÂ’t necessarily going to be the fastest all the time!

LetÂ’s take an example:

  1. The standard shortest route from Leominster, MA to the downtown Boston shopping district at a relatively quiet time, and without any hold-ups, should take an hour and 18 minutes (screen 1).
  2. Infographic IQ Routes: However, that same shortest route will typically take you 20 minutes longer during a busier period (reality) (screen 2)
  3. Using ‘local knowledge’ gained from the actual travel experiences of thousands of TomTom users on these very roads, IQ Routes™ instantly works out your optimal route from Leominster to Downtown Boston. It also calculates your realistic journey time, based on real speeds people are able to drive, not just speed limits. (screen 3)

As you can see, in this case your route is now about 15 miles longer, but will save you 12 minutes (and a ton of stress!). Now thatÂ’s a shortcut! Twelve minutes may not sound much, but itÂ’s over 20% off your journey time. Just consider for a moment how much time that will save you over a whole yearÂ… Exactly! And itÂ’s not just urban driving. Whether its roundabouts, crossroads, schoolchildren or just good old-fashioned congestion. Anywhere the traffic flow can vary, IQ Routes can make a real difference.

How it works

  • Millions of TomTom users worldwide voluntarily provide us with anonymous historical speed-data from each of their journeys every time they connect their device to TomTom HOME.
  • As a result, TomTom now has a huge database, containing billions of miles of real customer driving experience, collected over the years from more than 7 million TomTom users.
  • Using this data, TomTomÂ’s unique IQ Routes technology calculates your optimal route. This route is based on actual speed data driven on roads, not just maximum speed limits, taking into account any hold-ups that might slow you down (busy junctions, zebra crossings and even shopping crowds).

This data enhances the quality of TomTom navigation across the board, but is particularly helpful in improving the quality of detailed routing we give you for the specific time of day and day of the week of your chosen trip.

Drive like local
So even if you drive through unfamiliar areas, you still can drive like a local by knowing the short cuts that are based on the collective driving experience of millions of TomTom users.

New Advanced Lane Guidance

advance lane guidance Extra clarity when you navigate difficult junctions. See clearly the lane you must follow at junctions, so you donÂ’t miss your turn. At complex intersections, you also get a clear 3D image showing your route through the junction. Leaving you relaxed and safe.

When you approach complex motorway intersections, you also get a still 3D image on your screen that clearly indicates the lane(s) you need to take. Advanced lane guidance keeps you relaxed and safe through even the most complex intersections and in even the heaviest traffic.

LetÂ’s take an example:

  1. You’re on the outskirts of Paris, driving on the ‘Autoroute du Soleil’ towards Lille, when a complex junction approaches (screen 1)
  2. You have your normal 3D navigation view up to 800 metres from the junction. (screen 2)
  3. From 800 meters until youÂ’re through the junction, your TomTom device displays a clear image of the junction. This shows the relevant road signs with numbers and directions, and a blinking arrow that clearly shows which lane you must take. Your screen throughout this has the still image and your status bar remains updated with dynamic information. (screen 3)
  4. As soon as youÂ’re through the junction, your screen reverts to the normal view. 

TomTom MapShare — Maps Served Fresh Daily

With TomTom Map Share you can update your map directly on your device as and when you spot road changes, and download daily updates from millions of Map Share users worldwide via your computer.

Enabling Map Share gives you:

  • instantly improved maps every day on your TomTom device
  • entry into the worldÂ’s largest navigation community
  • the ability to share improvements daily with other TomTom users
  • full control over improvements that are uploaded and downloaded
  • the best and most accurate maps available – always.

Map Share changes you can make instantly:

  • Block / unblock street
  • Reverse traffic direction
  • Edit street name
  • Add missing Points of Interest
  • Edit Points of Interest.
  • Report other error

When joining the Map Share community you can select various ‘levels of trust’.
You might decide to only receive improvements that have been verified by TomTom or changes that have been submitted by tructed sources, by many , or by some people.

Hands-Free Calling

In more and more places, it is becoming illegal to use cell phones while driving without a hands-free kit. Your TomTom’s Bluetooth capability, microphone and speaker lets you match it to any bluetooth-capable phone to make hands-free mobile phone calls.

Plus, you can automatically answer your phone calls, for improved safety and comfort.

Map Guarantee

Due to Amazon’s high volume of sales and frequency of inventory turnover, just about every portable GPS navigator sold by will come with the most recent map version.

TomTom however, goes one better. Because TomTom regularly releases new maps, there’s always a small chance that a newer map has been released since the production of your TomTom. With TomTomÂ’s latest map guarantee, if the map preloaded on your device is not the latest version, you can download it FREE at TomTom HOME. This no longer requires the map check code.

Checking in TomTom HOME is easy:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of TomTom HOME installed on your computer
  2. Connect your device to your computer
  3. In the ‘File’ menu click ‘Use Latest Map Guarantee’. NOTE: if this option is not shown your device has the latest map.

You can check as many times as you like within 30 days from the date you first use your TomTom device.

Enhanced Positioning Technology

Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate driversÂ’ positions when GPS signals are unavailable. Enhanced Positioning Technology ensures the device continues to navigate to its destination, even in circumstances where there may not be a direct line-of-sight connection to a satellite (for example, when driving in a city with tall buildings, underpasses or bridges), to provide a smoother navigation experience.

Voice Address Input

Simply speak the city, street name and address number you would like to travel to, and the device will automatically calculate the route.

New Send Addresses Directly from Google Maps or Mapquest

Search for the location you want.

Pick “Send to GPS”.

Itching to try out a new restaurant, or setting off on a road trip to locate the best donuts on the west coast? Now, it’s easy to search for locations on Google Maps or Mapquest, then transfer the addresses directly to your TomTom.

  1. Install TomTom HOME on your computer
  2. Hook up your TomTom to the computer via its USB port
  3. Search for the location you want. Click the
  4. Click the Send link in the info window for the address. That will bring up a popup “Send to” form.
  5. Pick GPS, then pick TomTom and hit the “Send” button. 

The address will instantly transfer to your TomTom device, The point will be saved as one of your favorites, and you can navigate to it or view it on a map just like with any other favorite.


HOME is TomTom’s free software program that gives you access to a huge array of services as well as the global community of TomTom users. It is the only tool you need to manage, update and personalize your TomTom to enjoy a premium navigation experience: buy and install maps, make back-ups, download free software updates, shop and much more.

  • Stay up-to-date – always get the latest TomTom software and updates.
  • Personalize – Add new points of Interest, routes, voices, colour schemes and more.
  • Enhance – buy maps, subscribe to traffic and safety camera information services (optional).


Starting up can seem like a slow business, particularly if youÂ’re in a hurry, because the GPS receiver needs to know exactly where each GPS satellite is to calculate your location. But satellites only broadcast their positions once every 30 seconds. So if any of their signals are interrupted, for example by passing high buildings, the whole position-fixing process has to repeat itself again and again until the perfect fix is achieved.  QuickGPSfix takes a smarter approach.

QuickGPSfix can speed up the time it takes to fix your GPS position by downloading the latest satellite data via an Internet connection. Just connect your TomTom device to your computer and TomTom HOME automatically downloads ‘QuickGPSfix’ – a special GPS data file that helps your TomTom fix your position quicker, even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked.

This unique free service  helps you fix your position and get navigating faster than ever.

On the road or no access to TomTom HOME?
Get the same ‘QuickGPSfix’ data by simply connecting to any TomTom PLUS service, using a wireless data connection. As soon as a connection is established, the ‘QuickGPSfix’ data is automatically updated.

Note: QuickGPSfix data has limited validity. So to keep on getting a faster position-fix, re-connect your device at least once a week.

To minimise the amount of data sent over your wireless data connection, this automatic update is only carried out if the data on your device is over 5 days old. The associated data usage of this service is less than 10 Kb per connection. Please contact your mobile service provider to determine the exact costs. To disable this automatic update, just select ‘Disable Auto QuickGPSfix’ on your TomTom device.

Fun Extras to Personalize Your TomTom

New smart & fun extras to personalize usersÂ’ devices

  • Recording driving instructions in your own voice
  • Buy fun voices from TomTom
  • Exchange files (of photos, songs, HTML documents, etc) between your TomTom and any other Bluetooth-enabled device (laptop, phone, other TomToms)
  • Select a favorite car icon on the screen
  • Load, store and preview photos from your digital camera.
  • Enjoy music with the built-in MP3 player (earphones connector available via an optional SD card)

TomTom Traffic

TomTom offers two distinctive ways of providing traffic information, the TomTom PLUS Traffic service and the TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver accessory. With both options, traffic information is fully integrated into the TomTom navigation experience. Both services are subscription based. The RDS-TMC receiver accessory comes with a 1-year free subscription to the TMC traffic service

Key features for both Traffic information options

  • Real-time traffic information across the US, using the most accurate and up-to-date sources.
  • Detailed incident reports, delay times estimated, alternative routes proposed and if enabled automatic rerouting.
  • Accurate real-time warnings about dangerous road conditions ahead (fog, snow, ice and so on) anywhere in Europe, Australia and the US. (TomTom application version 6.0 or higher)
  • Clear on-screen animated or spoken  traffic alerts as and when you want them.
  • Smart push technology which minimizes the amount of data needed to update traffic information on your device
  • Smart subscription – when you buy new maps, the Traffic service automatically becomes available in those countries too.

TomTom Traffic Specifics
With TomTom Traffic, you can avoid problems and check the road conditions and weather ahead at the same time. TomTom Traffic is delivered via GPRS signal and requires a compatible mobile phone with Bluetooth and a wireless data connection, such as GPRS, UMTS or CDMA, enable you to use PLUS Traffic information on any TomTom device.

The advantages of TomTom Traffic are that it delivers information on road and weather conditions, and GPRS signals may be available for areas in which there is no FM  radio signal to transmit TMC traffic information (although if there’s no radio, it’s questionable how much traffic there’s going to be).

Important notes about TomTom Traffic:

TMC Traffic Specifics
With an RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver accessory, you can get traffic information from the RDS-TMC Traffic service, which is delivered over unused FM radio channels.

The RDS-TMC receiver accessory comes with a 1-year free subscription to the TMC traffic service

With some TomTom models, an RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver is included in the box. This is indicated by the addition of “T” or “Traffic” to the model name. An example is “GO 930T”.

Supported Languages

The user interface/application comes in the following languages:
  • Catalan
  • Latvian
  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Estonian
  • Portuguese
  • Finnish
  • Slovakian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English
  • Spoken navigation instructions come in the following languages:
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Bulgarian
  • Latvian
  • Catalan
  • Lithuanian
  • Chinese Mandarin
  • Malaysian
  • Chinese Cantonese
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Estonian
  • Serbian
  • Finnish
  • Slovenian
  • Flemish
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • German
  • Thai
  • Greek
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian
  • UK English
  • Italian
  • US English

  • About TomTom

    TomTom NV is the worldÂ’s largest navigation solution provider, developing products with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use and value. TomTom’s products include all-in-one navigation devices which enable customers to navigate right out of the box; including the award-winning TomTom GO family, the TomTom ONE range and the TomTom RIDER (for motorcycles). TomTom also provides navigation software products which integrate with third party devices; the TomTom NAVIGATOR software for PDAÂ’s and smartphones. TomTom WORK combines industry leading communication and smart navigation technology with leading edge tracking and tracing expertise. TomTomÂ’s products are sold through a network of leading retailers in 25 countries and online. TomTom was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and has offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

    Product Features

    • Touch-screen: 4.3 inch full TFT color LCD (480 x 272 pixels, supports 64K colors)
    • TomTom Map Share updates
    • Memory: 4 Gb Internal Flash (SD slot for additional storage)
    • Maps: Pre-loaded maps of USa,Canada and Europe from TeleAtlas
    • Bluetooth: for Hands-Free calling, PLUS services, remote control and audio output

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