Thanks to gCaptain for all the traffic to this picture… ( but this is a "tsunami looking" calm ocean, with some very quiet and calm mountains behind with soft clouds on top….. in the peaceful and quiet waters of the Costa Rican Nicoyan Gulf.
But looks scary doesn’t it?

pvc_pvc1 Thanks for the quick comment….. Indeed the second I uploaded before I had time to write this! But thi is a funny thing….. I made this HDR version on Photomatix, and was about to discard it because it killed some tones on the MOUNTAINS on the back, and took out some nice details on the CLOUDS on top of the mountains… I was about to click Delete…. but my wife was passing by, looked at the screen and said: "WOW! That’s a big wave!!!!" and then I realized that this was completely unintended!!! not a huge wave… instead is a perfectly calmed ocean with soft clouds over the distant mountains…. but is fun to think it’s a wave!