The voltage regulators can run especially hot on late model VGA cards (ATI 5870 & 5850), upwards of 100-120 degrees C. Thus, Thermalright created a cooling solution to help stabilize VGA overclocking. Both of the VRM heatsinks share the same compatibility information (ATI 5870 & 5850). The VRM-R3 is designed to take advantage of a side panel case fans, while VRM-R4 is designed to take advantage of tower style CPU coolers.


  • 80mm of fin area, &#9specially designed for the VRM of 5870/5850 VGA cards, effectively lowers &#9the high temperature and prolongs the VGA life, provides greater range of &#9over-clocking performance .
  • Patented High-riser &#9punched fins, give better airflow between the fin area, superb cooling &#9performance for both active (with fan) and passive cooling ( without fan).
  • Double 6mm heatpipes, &#9soldered tightly with fin, to ensure fastest Thermal conductivity.
  • Easy Installation, “Hand Turnable” screws provided, installation can be done without any extra &#9tools.
  • No extra fans needed, &#9can use airflow from the Tower cpu cooler when needed.
  • One 80 x 15mm or 80 x &#925mm fan can be installed ( need to be bought separately) .

Product Features

  • New – Retail
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • ThermalRight TRVRMR3
  • Thermalright TR-VRM-R3 5870/5850 VRM R3 VGA Heatsink for ATI 5870/5850 Graphics Cards

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