If you are a data analyst in search of a systematic work process that will increase your efficiency, adequately document your results, and ensure that your work can be replicated, then this book is for you. The approach outlined in this book is straight forward yet comprehensive in scope, flexible in how it can be used, practical, and filled with dozens of examples using the SAS® System. By using the approach and standards described in the book, you will be able to confidently and accurately answer the following questions related to each of your data analysis projects: Who – need this information? What – questions do they want answered? When – do they need the answers? Where – are the data? Why – is this important? How – did I get the answers?It is the “How” question above that is the focus of the book. Chapters 1 through 9 provide an overview of the author”s vision for a systematic approach to analytic work. The Appendix contains three comprehensive (yet relatively simple) case studies that apply the concepts and bring them to life.

Product Features

  • Systematic Data Analysis and Reporting An Introduction to the Craft of Making Your Analytic Work Bulletproof