this appeared, this morning, the 16th, on a side street in tallahassee, florida, usa, next to rt 90, the main east/west road from Miami to L. A. for many many travelers.
Here is a Genuine street prophet’s poster, and if you click on the "original size" section, in the options under "all sizes" one can actually read this poster.
if you want to, some of the words are cuss words, on the size, here, they are not visible.

there is a much more readible version here!…

But something tells me that this person did indeed have these dreams. whether these dreams merely reflect a homeless person’s anger toward society, or maybe a real Vision series that infers that
our culture will soon become Toast, very very soon: you make the call, I report what I see that is interesting, on the streets.
Yes this spot is where many homeless people gather to beg for change and bills. the Shelters are four blocks away.

In a sense, the homeless, NOW, are living a bit like of this future seen, the woods around here are full of Camps of homeless and often there are fights and killings, events that escape the seeing eye of the police. many of them *want* to see Babylon burn down, and too, many of the hands that reach out to help them, merely have strings attached, or even Ropes attached!
1…take thoughbenzidrine every day, yes you will walk around in a daze and also gain 40 lbs, but You Are Being Helped!
2…report to job training and placement every day even as it is located ten miles out of town, and if you do not come every day for most of the day, you will fail; of course there is no time to apply for work!
3…necktie and suit and live indoors and give up ye Indian ways.
Become White man Now.
[would you like to be kidnapped and flown to afgan to be converted against your will to fundamentalism? would you Go Down Screaming?!]

many of them would like to see this poster vision[s] to come true.
have Us all live like they do now!