StatMilk is for a general sports fans like what Weather Spark is for people who like to talk about the weather.

As an increasing number of sports fans and reporters tend to rely on statistics to gauge the quality of their division, teams and players as well as their upcoming opponents, there is an expectation that team sports performance data should be presented in more accessible and usable ways to the masses. StatMilk [], developed by Dave Marks, is a new sports analytics platform that aims to replace the mundane, tabular data displays of sports statistics with a sophisticated, interactive dashboard.

The current interface offers 4 distinct views – accompanied by an immense amount of filters and options – that show all available data by relevant aggregations, such as by the performance of a single ‘team’, by a user-chosen ‘match-up’ between pairs of teams, by the historical statistics of a unique ‘player’, or simply by the current team ‘rankings’.

Currently, StatMilk offers information for collegiate American football platform data (NCAA), though NFL (professional football) data should be added soon. StatMilk is also available as an iPhone app, for those wishing to bring the data to the games themselves.