Start Up Universe [], developed by information design agency Accurat and graphic designer Ben Willers for visualization community aggregator Visually, provides a comprehensive view of the relationships between startup companies and their founders and investors (venture capitalists) since the year 1990.

Based on the extensive CrunchBase database, the interactive visualization allows access to more than 12,000 venture capitalists, 29,000 startups and 34,000 founders.

All startups are represented as circles that are colored according to one of the 19 categories (conveying the service or industry of the startup) and scaled according to the amount of financing they have raised. In particular views, the circles are positioned on a horizontal timeline, which can be filtered according to particular periods of interest.

The left or right columns in the interface provide access to the relevant names of the venture capitalists or founders. After selecting a particular name in one of those columns, one can explore how a corresponding VC or founder has invested over time, what types of startup categories are most popular over time or have been most successful in terms of attracting VC money.