Selfie City [], developed by Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner, Mehrdad Yazdani, Dominikus Baur and Alise Tifentale, investigates the socio-popular phenomenon of self-portraits (or selfies) by using a mix of theoretic, artistic and quantitative methods.

The project is based on a wide, sophisticated analysis of tens of thousands of selfies originating from 5 different world cities (New York, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Bangkok, Moscow), with statistical data derived from both automatic image analysis and crowd-sourced human judgements (i.e. Amazon Mechanical Turk). Its analysis process and its main findings are presented through various interactive data visualizations, such as via image plots, bar graphs, an interactive dashboard and other data graphics.

Accordingly, Selfie City is able to provide quick access to all female, heavily left-leaning, widely smiling, glasses-wearing selfies from New York, if you would be interested in this particular demographic. It also demonstrates some preliminary indications on how most people that are featured on selfies are relatively young, how significantly more women take selfies than men, and how women tend to strike more extreme poses.