1. Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon, the private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was originally founded by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie as the Carnegie Technical Schools in 1900.

In addition to the Wi-Fi running throughout most of the campus, there are a myriad of departments and programs having to do with all aspects of technology. Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation connects inventions developed on campus with companies that can bring them to market. The Quality of Life Technology Center focuses “on the development of intelligent systems that enable older adults and people with disabilities to live more independently.”

Carnegie Mellon is home to Professor Manuela Veloso, aka the “Robot Master,” who teaches in the computer science department. Her longtime interest and study in automation and AI led to the creation of robot soccer which now has its own competitive league known as Robocup.

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We know about the top party schools and the best schools for sports. But which college or University is the most technologically advanced in the U.S.?

Unigo, an online resource for college information, polled students at hundreds of colleges across the country and came up with the top 10 Wired Campuses list — as well as some interesting findings.

College students are more wired than ever before. Today, 98% of college students own a digital device. A majority of undergraduates report owning more than 12 digital devices, including computers, laptops, printers, smart phones, web-cams and digital cameras.

Though it’s not commonplace, four out of five students believe campus-wide W
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