Ah the good ol’ days. When the temperature was cooler, I was thinner, and gas was below $2.00. I remember my mother shrieking in astonishment at her first glimpse of $1.50 gas price. Today, gas isn’t all too bad where I live; right now it’s at $2.81 and keeps going down every few days. However, it’s still expensive enough to where I had to decline an internship an hour away because of gas prices.

Today’s inforgraphic gives a historical overview of when gas prices began to inflate. It also lists when theater and tuition prices began to rise as well. I remember when movie tickets prices were low and going to an evening movie was the place to be. Now, an evening movie ticket sells for $12.00 each! Sorry Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, but I’ll have to resist seeing ya’ll on the big screen this week…

In all, the price of living has become a burden on the public. Inflation has caused the average Joe to re-evaluate his priorities and watch his checkbook. However, the good life can still be lived if we all make some budgeting and make a nice meal at home instead of going out. Perhaps it’s an activity that will bring the family together like the good ol’ days. [via]

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