The bright little cry pierces through our muddled thinking.

The little bird concentrates on one thing, one thought at a time. It must, because it has not much brain to do it with. But that single-minded consciousness is a pure ray of light pointing at something.

Pop-up effects: a ‘B’ in a sea of ‘A’s. A red square among a thousand blue. A bird among spheres. Our attention system allows certain information to ‘pop up’ effortlessly. Other information has to be searched for, a slow and error-prone process. But some things fit our mental architecture. Synesthetes can see a pattern of one digit among other digits that normal people cannot, because they see the colour.

"That Which Thou Art" – whatever we are.

Promethian hyperpraxia. Revealing the situation to be highly unstable. The emperor has no clothes! Zen realisation.