Visual thinking can be used to clarify or to confuse. The House Republicans created a visual representation of the House Democrats health plan. The graphic is a crazy jumble of boxes, arrows, and lines.

I don’t know if the proposed plan is too complicated or not, but I do know that it’s easy to make even something simple seem insanely complicated. To illustrate that, I made this graphic above, which diagrams the org chart of my family’s food buying plan. My family consists of my wife and I, so it’s about as simple as it gets.

So, how do you make something simple seem complicated using visual thinking?

1. As Leonardo Da Vinci Said "Everything connects to everything else." So connect as many things as possible whether they are important or not! That’s what I tried to do in the chart above, and it’s obviously what the House Republicans did.

2. Separate related items spatially as much as possible so that the lines connecting
closely related things are long, convoluted, and need to cross lots of other lines.

3. Use lots of ugly, clashing colors. OK, I did not have time to do this one, but the House Republicans sure did.

Thanks to Parkview for sending me the link to the House Republican graphic.

And here is yet another graphic inspired by the House Republicans.