Insufficient space is no longer an issue with EW331U-ST short throw projectors. All you need is 24.8″ to project a clear, easy-to-read screen image approximately the size of a 60″ screen. When placed on the tabletop edge, the EW331U-ST presentation projectors clear workspace and eliminate issues with the projection light path. EW331U-ST presentation projectors reproduce vivid images using 3,000 lm brightness and a high contrast ratio of 2700:1. BrilliantColor technology with a six-segment color wheel and texas instruments DLP ensure rich, true-to-source color. Color tone adjusts automatically, so images remain high quality even when projected onto color backgrounds.


  • Short Throw
    Projects a 60″ diagonal image from only 25″ away, virtually eliminating presenters shadows
  • 3D-Ready
    Perfect for higher education or corporate applications, images can be rendered in stunning 3D-adding a new dimension to viewing scientific, architectural, and engineering imagery. 3D video content must be in field sequential format, a high end graphic card and special electronic shutter glasses are required.
  • Digital Input
    HDMI input for true digital connections from both PC or video sources
  • Closed Caption
    Provides on-screen visual representation of text
  • Anti-theft Security Hook
    Built into the projector to prevent theft and any unauthorized removal of the projector
  • Instant Shutdown
    Quick power down, no waiting period, easy to move form location to location
  • Wall Screen Support
    Ability to project images on color backgrounds such as beige, light blue, light green, pink, blackboard and whiteboard. Projector automatically adjusts for color tone

Product Features

  • New – Retail
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Mitsubishi EW331U-ST
  • Mitsubishi EW331U-ST 3D Ready DLP Projector HDTV 1280×800 WXGA 2700:1 3000 lumens 16:10 HDMI VGA Ethernet Speaker

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