Meter Objects [], developed by Patrick Kochlik and Monika Hoinkis, questions the nature of the whole self-monitoring (also known as the ‘quantified self‘) movement. The carefully designed collection of objects aims to embrace the act of measuring, continuous information collection and visualization for its own sake. Measuring (or ‘metering’ as the authors call it) is seen as an end itself, and not a means to an end.

The Thermal Frame is a ‘selective’ room thermometer, which is capable of showing only one exact temperature measurement. For instance, in the context of a house, the temperature turns blue when the room has the exact temperature of 20�C, while any temperature above and below makes the screen simply black. Potential users can select a unique temperature that is particularly relevant for them.

The Lens Plate is a device to observe any seemingly boring thing in several different interesting ways. Looking at one thing through different lenses – literally – might still reveal a hidden and surprising beauty.

The Section Plate proposes the opposite, as it allows one to look at only a very small section of a thing to reveal its beauty. For instance, the boring looking data on a page of the Financial Times might reveal many beautiful pieces of information when one focuses on a small surface area of 1x1cm at a time.

The Level Orb is a nonsense version of a conventional bubble level device. It turns the conventional bubble level from a practical object into an aesthetic one, looking at a measuring device, again, for its own sake.

Lastly, the Level Watch, well, you can explain that one by yourselves by now.