Naturally, Matrox needed to cover more than just the high-end market with its reworked series. Whereas on previous models an 175 Mhz RAMDAC was optional, it became standard equipment with the Impression Plus and customers could choose from three interface plus two memory configurations. For PCI, the cards appear to have been shipped with either a quite long PCB containing sixteen memory chips when fully populated or 2 MB-only smaller one that can be upgraded via a daughterboard. The lower-mainstream market was served by the Lite and Plus Lite, yet the little concrete information to be found in contrast to the other family members suggests that they possibly have not been sold in large quantities. The sole exemplar I’ve actually seen also used an IS-ATHENA instead of the often-quoted IS-HELENA, so the latter’s existence remains dubious, but cost-cutting measures seem to be the restriction to 2 MB of slower VRAM and an 175 Mhz RAMDAC available on request only.

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