Seething terrain keeping you from further exploring all your potential skating abilities? Fear no more! This symmetrical double-edged, jungle-clearing weapon of freeride incorporates double-kicks, concave, and a top-mount design that’s ideal for ripping and slashing through whatever this wicked world throws your way. This fine weapon of thrash comes styled with our new “Infographic 2” design. Never venture without a Machete again …

Shape: Double Kick, Concave
Length: 39.875″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase: 27.5″

Product Features

  • Trucks: Paris 180mm Raw/Raw
  • Wheels: Cadillac ‘Khanas 70mm/83a – White
  • Bearings: Cadillac 5.0 High Performance
  • Griptape: Flypaper Griptape

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