I’m away in southern Scotland on a short break, and to go to a wedding. This is not strictly an abandoned or derelict location, but part of one of the outbuildings at a country place which some family friends are planning to renovate. The old street sign should really read ‘Cluny Drive’. This street is in Morningside in Edinburgh about one and half hour’s drive from where I took this photo. The transformation of the sign is part of a rather long and involved inter-family joke which I won’t try to explain, but the sign can be enjoyed in its own right.

Most if not all of the black building stone in the wall is what they call ‘whinstone’ in this part of Scotland and the neighbouring part of northern England. It usually refers to basic fine-grained igneous rocks like dolerite and basalt, and probably came from a local quarry. The red stone is sandstone, probably Permian (‘New Red’) Sandstone.

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