This Book Will Give you Detailed Step By Step Instructions On Repairing The Laptops Integrated Video Chip Failure Issue, It will also Instruct You How To Repair A Laptops External Video Cards and Desktop Computers Video Cards. Photos of the Whole Process are included as are Disassembly Photos (sony vaio used for example). This Method is Not similar to the Knuckleheads on Youtube claiming to show how to reflow or fix a Video/GPU issue.. This is a Patented-Trademarked and Copyrighted Method that has proven positive results. Laptop repair information, to this day, is not a known subject and there is a great need and demand for this information to be available Worldwide. I know this first hand because I have been actively selling a Website/Interactive Based version of my Book both on the internet (, currently translated to 4 languages, and on EBay (seller: the_laptop_expert) for over a year now with successful results. My book goes into detailed internal component testing and repairing techniques, including instructions on how to repair the integrated video chip common failure issue, to which I hold a legal trademark(15831),copyright(1-345467488),and patent pending(61308926) for. It is generalized to allow repair instruction for all laptop makes and models, and with step by step instructions including photos to help comprehend. Going Above And Beyond CompTia A+ Certification !!!

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