let us conduct a relatively simple experiment:

as you look at the screen, take a second to briefly glance down at your own body.

as you look at your body you may wish consider this fact:

a penis [in tumescent state] was partially responsible for creating the body you have just looked at.

your body.

your body came about as a result of humankind’s most important process.

this process is called procreation.

so now the conundrum.

why the opprobrium and disgust when faced with visual representations of the penis?

granted, the organ is not something one could refer to as beautiful.

i happen to think it one of the ugliest appendages evolution has ever brought forth.

nevertheless, i must ask again, why the disgust?

here’s a little puzzle for you:

american marines kill an injured iraqi:


prime time television news.

not an eyelid did flutter.

now let us move to mapplethorpe:




"Censorship in Cincinnati is probably every bit as tight today as it was in 1990 because people are afraid," said Louis Sirkin, the lawyer who defended the art director charged in the case. "Mapplethorpe created the image that if you do something a little off-color, you’re going to be arrested and that’s frightening."

[quote source is the freedomforum link above]

you see the confusion i am currently experiencing? [and have experienced for some considerable time]

it seems graphic and extreme violence raises not so much as a whisper.

yet dealing with sex/genitalia often raises a veritable shitstorm.

if we were getting things even half right as a species, wouldn’t this be the other way round?

once again, whence the fear regarding genitalia?

we all posess genitalia.

why the disgust?

granted, mapplethorpe is an extreme case.

however, when faced with human beings shooting another human being dead then cheering.

mapplethorpe seems positively benign.

government sanctioned murder | good 🙂
genitalia | bad 🙁


[für m]


ps – this ‘penis’ is a dingbat from an excellent dingbat set called ‘erotica’.

there was no mention of copyright restrictions in the zip file with the bats, so i am presuming it is copy free and i use the dingbats accordingly.

there was also no mention of the author.

of course, colour palette, concept, accompanying text and ‘phallus size’ are all my work 🙂

just so you know.