Chart your course (past and present) with the miracle of fill-in-the-blank diagrams. Whether you’re looking for clarity in mundane matters or in life’s more intense topics, My Life in Graphs will help you simplify the whole process the infographic way—one chart at a time. Paperback Journal is 6.75 x 8.75-inches and 128 full-color pages. Look for other Knock Knock products; our sensibility is proudly distinct, in contrast to the overwhelming homogenization and conservatism that characterizes committee-created corporate products. We believe that many people are intelligent enough to appreciate wit, wordplay, and conceptual thinking, so we strive not to dumb down as we create.

Product Features

  • My life in graphs helps you chart your course – past and present – with the miracle of fill-in-the-blank diagrams
  • Paperback with lay-flat binding and die-cut acetate window
  • Journal is 6 75 x 8 75-inches and has 128 pages
  • Full-color pages featuring topics as diverse as personal taste, self-image, and an attraction to snake-handlers
  • Includes a handy detachable ruler to aid in straight line execution and accurate percentage estimation

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