This is our Premium iPod 4th Generation Screen/LCD Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit. As the largest iOS Device repair company in the world, we exist

to make sure our customers are taken care of with the best parts, tools, and instructions. Our Kits contain everything you will need and more to

complete your repair. iCracked refuses to sacrifice quality on any part or service. Our customers enjoy our 99-yr warranty and our outstanding customer


The kit includes:

  • iPod 4th Gen Premium Replacement Screen/Digitizer
  • Pre-Installed Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector
  • Premium Repair Flowchart
  • Premium Phillips Screwdriver
  • Premium Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Premium Nylon Spudger
  • Premium Replacement 3M Adhesive Strip
  • Premium Ring Suction Cup
  • Premium Guitar Pick
  • SIM Card Tray Opening Tool
  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Fun Facts!

1) More than 20% of our Amazon customers buy our DIY kit because they (mistakenly) purchased a cheaper one before hand that was defective and the

repair unsuccessful. Your device is $500-$700, why risk ruining it with sub-par parts? Do the repair correctly the first time and be covered by our

warranty and guarantee!

2) Most of our customers also choose to purchase one of our Magnetic Flowcharts to help keep track of their screws as they follow the repair

instructions. These Magnetic flowcharts are INCREDIBLE.

Do It Yourself Kits aren’t the only option! We have 300+ mobile “iTechs” around the World that can come to you and fix your device TODAY!

Product Features

  • iPod Touch 4th Gen Premium Replacement Screen – White
  • Premium iPod Touch 4th Gen Toolkit
  • Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector Pre-Installed
  • Repair Videos to Guide You
  • 99-Year Warranty

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