The Negative ions:

When u go to the woods or the forest, you may notice that the air is fresh.

A part of the reason why we feel this way is because “Deep forests emit more than 1,000 negative icons per cc.”

These negative ions help rejuvenate our bodies by clearing our heads, and supplying our body with more oxygen.

However in our busy lifestyles, we can not often take trips to the woods or nature place. ,

Toppano jewelry we give you the best thing. By emulating the same negative ion generating effects of the forest, the Toppano jewelry can enhance your wellness.

1.Function of negative ions:

1.Negative ions Purify the Air.

2.Negative ions help prevent respiratory-related illnesses.

3.Negative ions counteract the effects of smoking.

4.Negative ions can relief pressure.

5.Negative ions help us to sleep better.

6.Negative ions can improve blood circulation.

2. Function of magnet:

1.Magnet can relief pain and increase blood flow.

2.Magnet can enhance the body immunity.

3.Magnetic therapy is an expensive,non-intrusive and nontoxic way of medical treatment used in the worldwide.It has lower cholesterol and anti-aging effect.

Function of Far infrared ray:

1.The content of Far infrared ray is 92.1%, it can decomposition body’s heavy metal and toxic substance.

2. Far infrared ray can increase metabolism.

3.Far infrared ray can improve the body immunity.

4.Far infrared ray have ab-irritation effect.

Function of germanium:

1. Improve blood circulation and immunity .

2. Alleviate all kinds of nerve pain

3.Relieve fatigue and improve sleep.

4.Support anti-aging,anti-oxidation and anti-virus.

Product Features

  • Ion Magnetic Power Energy 316L Stainless steel 2 Side Ambigram ” Saint ” & ” Sinner ” Silicone Bracelet
  • Our bracelets are 4 in 1 energy bracelet for health and better life
  • Anion + FIR + Germanium + MAGNET
  • 1.Function of negative ions: Negative ions can relief pressure 2. Function of magnet:Magnet can relief pain and increase blood flow. 3. Function of Far infrared ray: Far infrared ray can improve the body immunity. 4. Function of germanium: Support anti-aging,anti-oxidation and anti-virus.
  • 316L Steel is also 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration

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