This textbook is designed for a first course in Information Technology (IT), offered as core course for all undergraduate university students. It will also benefit students preparing for DOEACC (O level), polytechnic students, and professional courses such as CA. As IT is a rapidly advancing technology, the main objective of this book is to emphasise reasonably stable fundamental concepts on which this technology is built.

The book is broadly organised into three parts. The first part describes the hardware devices used for acquisition of numerical, graphical, audio and video data and their representation in binary form. The second part describes the methods of storing, processing and disseminating data. The final part describes both the systems and application software. Applications include word processors, spreadsheets, multimedia processing, some uses of the Internet, business processes and e-commerce. The concluding chapter presents a discussion of social networks, social impacts of Information Technology and career opportunities in the field of IT.

Key Features

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of IT from first principles
  • Describes a large number of important applications of IT
  • Explains acquisition, storage, organisation, processing, display, and dissemination of multimedia data
  • Covers business data processing, the Internet and World Wide Web, e-commerce, social impacts of IT and job opportunities in IT enabled services
  • Every chapter begins with a statement of learning goals and ends with a comprehensive summary.