Identifier: bitsavers_decterminaT18XUpgradeandSystemTestGuideJul1982_6435163
Title: dec :: terminal :: vt180 :: EK-VT18X-IN-002 VT18X Upgrade and System Test Guide Jul1982
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Subjects: module diskette disk drive test terminal controller diagnostic rom error control module controller module terminal controller upgrade kit disk drive disk unit kit installation error messages diskette diagnostic system test

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ord processing option. Chapter 4 provides the system test procedure used to make sure the installation is correct and thediskette formatting procedure. Chapter 5 provides some basic troubleshooting procedures to help you isolate and solve problemsencountered during installation. Some of the dialog in this manual requires your response. That response is printed in color. Theterms disk and diskette are used interchangeably in the computer dialog. After completing this manual, refer to the VT180 Users Guide (AA-M044B-TV) for information onhow to use the CP/M® software. ®CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research, Inc. vii CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW The VT18X Personal Office Computing Option Upgrade Kit, illustrated in Figure 1-1, adds the ca-pability to run CP/M application software to the VT100 video terminal. This kit adds a VT18X con-trol module and one or two dual disk drives to the VT100. The CP/M compatible software anddiagnostics come on 13.3 cm (5 1/4 in) diskettes.

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MB 7862 Figure 1-1 VT18X Upgrade Kit This upgrade and system test guide provides the installation procedures to upgrade your VT100 toa VT180 personal office computer. This guide also provides a test procedure to make sure that theinstallation is correct. Table 1-1 lists the VT100 series models that can and cannot use the VT18Xupgrade kit. NOTE: Before attempting this installation, make sure your VT100 is operating correctly. Specificset-up features are also required and must be saved in the VT100 on power-up so that eachfeatures setting is like that listed in Table 1-2. 1 INTRODUCTION Table 1-1 VT100 Series Terminalsthat Can and Cannot Use the VT18X Option* Can CannotUse VT18X Use VT18X Model Option Option Reason VT100-AA, -AB XVT100-L, -N XVT100-WA, -WB X VT100-WC – WZ X Foreign character set VT100-X X VT101 VT102 XX NonexpandableNonexpandable VT103 X LSI-11 backplane VT105 (VT1X5) X Lose graphics capability VT125 X Lose graphics capability VT131 X Nonexpandable VT132** X Lose blockbitsavers_decterminaT18XUpgradeandSystemTestGuideJul1982_6435163

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