This book reflects the many changes that computer graphics technology has under gone in my working life time. I graduated from a teachers college in 1963. There was not a computer of any kind on campus, imagine my shock when my very first college employer (Omaha University) required me to know something about an IBM 1620 and a key punch machine! The first part of this book is an account of that experience at Omaha University and later the Nebraska of Nebraska at Omaha. When I moved to Clemson University in 1976, they had a computer and a large Calcomp Plotter but nothing else in the way of computer graphics hardware or software. So, except for a few short sections in chapter one, this history begins with the events of 1963 and proceeds to document what happened to computer graphics for engineering design and manufacturing as practiced by an engineer or technician at Clemson University. The next section of the book contains my experiences as a self-employed consultant (1993-present), my consulting started in 1984 after I completed a PhD in Data Systems Engineering. In 1993, I left full time teaching and became Professor Emeritus at Clemson University. I wanted to start my own consulting company, DLR Associates. Oddly enough, most of my first consulting in computer graphics took place in the Omaha and Pennsylvania areas – not South Carolina. My contacts came from my paper presentations at various ASEE meetings and the annual national distance learning conferences held at the University of Maine. I took a year off to accept a Fulbright Scholarship Nomination from the University of Rookee, India. I was listed as an international member in the Who’s Who Directory of the computer graphics industry. In a nut shell, that is who I am. Why, then, did I decide to write this book?