Hip Replacement Infographic- by Becky Callicoat If you’re into orthopedics, surgery, or radiography, this mug won’t seem too graphic , and only healthcare professionals could probably stand to drink out of it. But hey– you could use it for pens and pencils instead. This was an illustration I did during my graphic design studies. I wanted to illustrate one of my favorite surgeries that we as x-ray techs provide c-arm fluoro images for during the case. This illustration was done first by scanning my pencil sketch into the computer, and then digitally rendering to finish. Vibrant colors, cool detail and labeling. Check out the version 2 mug: Hip Replacement Infographic Mug (version 2) by BeckCalli See more Beckcalli products Mugs Created by BeckCalli Keywords: digital illustration, medical illustration, hip endoprosthesis, hip, surgery, orthopedics, medicine, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, healthcare, orthopedic surgery, radiology, radiography, bones, health, medical, health profession, prosthesis, illustrations

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