Email correspondence – response to the map link that James in the Open Garden Project sent.

– Wow! extremely impressive in terms of access to useful data and research! The depth and range of info seemed really valuable and detailed (e.g. see what i pasted below for what was in "Environment" tab for a given address)

– Margaretha is very interested in research methodologies and sharing urban agriculture and permaculture research with other farms. This seems like a potential tool or model worth looking at in more detail

– The complexity is impressive, but daunting to general user (Is there an implementation of this technology that is more pared down/less like an app/appealing to broader audience?)

Need to figure out what our goal is with creating a map. We may be talking about a few kinds of maps, (with different functionality/emphasis). I am thinking about a map right now in terms of visual impact ("a picture is worth a thousand words") and its ability to quickly tell a story that people viscerally get.
– "wow, this orchard used to be a freeway" o
– "look at what an amazing impact hayes valley farm has had" or "
– "look at all the community needs this farm meets… research, art, education, community-building,…".

I picture either:

– Custom-designed map graphic – single image, representation showing areas of the farm (something along the lines of an individual artwork/map/sketch/diagram)

– Interface like Google maps but with additional features
ability to specify ‘types’ of points on the map and to separate these into ‘layers’ which could be displayed or not)
– ability to have multiple data points/image being displayed simultaneously
– ability to take this display with multiple points/images/layers and easily print for demos and displays (requirement for an urban farm/education center that has a table/booth at lots of community events, and also an education/information center onsite – connecting virtual with the physical experience of taking a tour of a farm/volunteering/working/designing a farm)



NOTES 1 (overview of Open Garden Project/mapping project)
NOTES 2 (requirements/goals)
NOTES 3 (review of complex map interfaces/apps, with more requirements)
NOTES 4 (images related to hayes valley farm for map research and design)