This best-selling text remains the most comprehensive, how-to reference on graphic design and advertising for print and interactive media, intended to serve as a foundation for a graphic design and advertising design education. Theory and applications are stressed with an instructive approach. Known for its thorough treatment of theory and major graphic design applications, this text concentrates on the integration of design principles and elements, providing hundreds of meaningful examples of their interaction throughout.

Product Features

  • Historical timeline introduces the history of design and comprehensive chapters on the fundamentals of design and applications all in one volume.
  • The most highly regarded design professionals today provide insights and examples in high-interest boxes, including Essays and Before & After (showing before and after images such as Ocean Spray
  • Juices/Wallace Church (Chapter 11). From Start to Finish walks through the step by step process of a project (Dave Mason SamataMason, Chapter 4). Case Studies throughout the book examine the design process including Nickelodeon (Chapter 9), Saks Fifth Avenue/Michael Bierut/Pentagram (Chapter 10), Rounder Records/Visual Dialogue (Chapter 11).
  • Exercises and projects appear at the end of the chapter and online (all are new to this edition).
  • Chapter 15 (online) provides students the tools for putting together a portfolio and tips on how to get a job in design.

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