GRAPHIC DESIGN BASICS combines design principles, history, and current technology to present students a comprehensive introduction to the field of graphic design. Keeping pace with rapid changes in the field of design, while maintaining a consistently high academic quality, the text emphasizes design structure, visual perception and digital design, with a wide range of visuals from throughout design history, as well as the latest contemporary illustrations. Each chapter provides assignments with student sample solutions and critique sections to help students apply the concepts and assess their work. This market leader’s interwoven combination of concept, history, and practice rarely found in other graphic design texts has been enriched by integrating material specific to digital design. The accompanying Premium Website offers students bonus images, interviews with artists featured in the text, additional projects, studio techniques and research links.

Product Features

  • A chapter dedicated to Web design (Chapter 11) covers basic information about the Web and how Web design and production differs from the print design process. Both traditional and digital production tips are included to give students a comprehensive understanding of the principles.
  • Chapter 3 provides an example of an integrated campaign, including both print and electronic media. This demonstrates to students how a concept can be used throughout several types of media.
  • Chapters 1 and 5 highlight the developmental stages of a logo and an illustration for a children’s book; several of these stages are shown on the book’s premium website.
  • Discussions of both traditional and electronic color teach students the principles of traditional color mixing to provide a better understanding of applications to computer imaging (Chapter 8).

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