By: Z. A. Prust ISBN: 978-1-60525-061-8 Copyright: ©2010 Graphic Communications is a comprehensive text that reflects the changes that have taken place as digital technology has revolutionized almost every aspect of printing and its related operations. With its informative and easy-to-understand approach, the text helps students understand the processes, methods, and equipment used in the industry. This practical, versatile text covers all major aspects of graphic communications. The text “tells and shows” how various methods are used to take an original idea and convert it into a finished product. While Graphic Communications covers traditional printing methods, extensive content focuses on technological advancements and how electronics is affecting every aspect of the field. This edition highlights the technology currently being used in the industry, with special attention to digital printing and its applications.

Product Features

  • Overview of Graphic Communications
  • Color Science, Vision, and Space
  • Analog Film, Equipment, and Processing Information
  • Sheet-Fed Lithographic Press Operation and Troubleshooting
  • Graphic Communications Careers

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