A question from Sara reminded me that I’d never uploaded a picture of my Graflex camera, used to take the photos in this set.

This is the "baby" version of the classic Graflex press camera–but lacking the focal-plane shutter of the Speed Graphic. The Schneider lens may not be original, but I know its serial number dates to 1959. Note the separate rangefinder and viewfinder, one of several things that make this a cumbersome camera to use–although worth it, for the astounding detail and smoothness of its huge negatives…

The separate filmholders are convenient for switching films in mid-roll (although it took me decades to track down a second one); but the dark slide and separate winding & shutter-cocking definitely lead to some unintended blank frames and double exposures….

The ’23’ rollfilm backs give 8 exposures per 120 roll of about 58 x78mm each (about a 3:4 aspect ratio). There were 10 and 12 exposure rollfilm backs made too, with corresponding metal frame masks that slip into the top viewfinder.

This camera also came with a groundglass back, and a couple of sheet-film holders. The front lens standard does allow some shift/tilt/rise–view camera style–but so far I’ve not really used it that way.

There’s a little more backstory to my buying this camera here.

EDIT: if you got here by searching for Graflex info, the most confusing detail to keep straight is the different styles & sizes of film backs that the different Graflex models used. But there’s a great link that explains everything here.