First thing’s first, if you have no idea what the heck Gangam Style is, please refer to Youtube. There, now that you have been thoroughly entertained and satisfied by South Korea’s finest, lets think about how on earth this got to be so popular on the (at least American) web.

Gangnam, if you didn’t know, is a very wealthy and affluent region in South Korea. Holding 7% of the GDP of the nation (comparable to New York albeit a fraction of the land) Gangnam is where Hyundai, Samsung, and LG all hail from. This region, perhaps through its ties with these companies, might have an influence on the culture in ways that would be sympathetic to our American tastes. But then why is this the first K Pop single to catch on?

Well, not only does it cater to our random-comedy-tastebuds, it has a little-kid-michael-jackson-impersonator, sexy ladies, nice cars, party-hard/YOLO attitude and a freaking line-dance that looks like an imaginary horse ride into the sunset! If all of that doesn’t scream America in 2012, then I have no idea what does. But really, in all seriousness this video just makes me happy, so I hope this opens some horizons into Korean and other Asian popular music in American because, damn they know how to have fun. OPPAN GANGAM STYLE! [via]

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