First prototype of EXPERIFACE, a minimalist graphic user interface for mobile phones with a capacitive touchscreen. EXPERIFACE simplifies the user interface to 3 main panels, called PANES: HOME, MESSAGES and COMMUNITY, collating all relevant informations from the cloud into 3 main PANES.

This is the COMMUNITY APP after activating from the COMMUNITY PANE. The APP collates information and display them in ROWS: ME, UPDATES and PICTURES.

The APP will retrieve the profile photo of the user, e.g., facebook profile photo is used in this demonstration. The APP also retrieves the latest status update, and is connected to PING.FM (or individually to the social networks if the user so prefer) to manage social connections.

The APP also pulls updates from all your friends and RSS feeds, e.g., News sources from, facebook and twitter feeds are collated under the UPDATES ROW.