Digital Character Painting Using Photoshop CS3 is a brilliantly illustrated, full-color book that combines both the fundamentals of character design and the skills of digital painting. Completely updated using Photoshop CS3 as the primary tool, the book details how to create characters that elicit specific emotions and how to beautifully render those characters by applying conventional painting skills to digital tools. Written for both the seasoned professional and aspiring artist alike, Digital Character Painting Using Photoshop CS3 explores the key principles of design and reveals how to enhance traditional skills and apply them to digital art for use in games, film, animation, and other commercial productions. Using practical tutorials, the book covers basic skills such as value, edges, color, texturing, and light, and then moves on to teach in-depth techniques on specific features including eyes, face, clothing, hair, and fur. Whatever your skill level, you will discover practical ideas and techniques to apply to your craft and to help you improve and create masterful works of digital art! Features: – Presents a completely updated, beautiful, full color guide to character design and computer art using Photoshop. – Provides practical insights into how to master Photoshop CS3 as a powerful painting tool, including how to customize the brushes to achieve the best possible results. – Focuses on learning artistic skills that can be applied to a variety of 2D and 3D programs, with an emphasis on Photoshop CS3. – Teaches how to combine traditional artistic values with today’s graphics software. – Includes a CD-ROM with the figures and files for the tutorials in the book, along with a QuickTime movie showing how a painting is created.