Informational graphics have become an invaluable tool to illustrate key information in today’s visual world. From the colorful charts and graphs in USA Today to the pie charts in the average business presentation — infographics dominate print and electronic media.This hands-on tutorial is filled with real-world examples and expert techniques on creating professional, representative infographics
— Provides commentary and selections by top creative professionals from Time, Newsweek, and many more
— Includes full-color art with step-by-step instructionsIn Designing Infographics, author Eric K. Meyer teaches you how to create charts, tables, graphs, maps, diagrams, and sequences that successfully sum up, clarify, and visualize data. You learn how to think visually and present information honestly, and when to use certain types of graphics. Meyer explains how to decide how vivid the graphic should be, how to organize your data in the graphic, and what sort of data metaphor to use. There’s an overview of major Windows and Macintosh drawing programs, such as Macromedia FreeHand and Adobe Illustrator, and useful instruction on creating graphics. Meyer also touches on copyright issues and Web graphics. This is a great hands-on book for artists and designers who need to create successful infographics.

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