A massive guide to the design and application of diagrams, with thorough explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of various media and formats. The book includes a section of real-world examples that show the lessons in use.

A guide to the world of diagrammatic presentation of facts, figures, thoughts, processes, and relations. The effective design of a diagram is an art form in itself in that the creator must decipher complex information and put it into an easy-to-understand format that is accessible and visually pleasing to the end user. This book presents the information and inspiration that will allow designers to put the art into practice.

This book will serve as a visual resource and course manual for designers, students, and professionals, but the book should also prove useful to statisticians, economists, and teachers.

Designing Diagrams is a guide to the world of diagrammatic presentation of facts, figures, thoughts, processes and relations. Some of the methods shown are well known, others are not so common. Some are shown here for the first time.

Diagrams have previously been restricted to academic publications and the business press. With the introduction of smartphones, presentation programs, iPods, Internet, GPS and other devices the scope has widened considerably.

We have used different angles of approach: The book can be used as a manual, but the intention has been to provide ideas for people who have communication needs in their professional lives. The target audience is primarily design students and professionals but the book should also prove to be useful to statisticians, economists, teachers and others who can be made aware of existing possibilities.

The tools employed are digital and guidelines are given on how to employ available 2D software and find suitable ways of presenting the results.

One section of the book shows work done by designers from four continents. This content should therefore be of interest to people working in different national and language cultures.

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