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“Mr. Simpson, why did I get this wrong?”

“Because you used the wrong word.”

“But it’s the word I found in the dictionary.”

“I know, but you didn’t take context into consideration.”

“What does that mean?”

That was a fairly common exchange between me and some of my students. When beginning Spanish students start to learn their new language, they often don’t use the right word. According to their dictionaries, they use the right word, but they never take context into consideration.
This book will remedy this common problem. This book is by no means an exhaustive list of Spanish vocabulary. It should, however, open up your mind to the concept of context.
There are nearly fifty English words that I have chosen for this book. On each page you will see a flowchart. In the first column, you will see the English word, the context in the second column, and the correct Spanish word in the third column.
I also explain in greater detail some of the more confusing words. In some entries I use only the flowchart and examples. By the end of this book, you mind should have, what I call, a context filter.

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