This book only has one page, but it might be the most important page you will read this year.

Jess Bachman, a 31-year-old graphic genius has boiled down the largest government budget ever into a single poster, a poster that will show you (and your students and your boss and everyone you know) exactly how we’re spending all that money. Every year for the last several years, Bachman has spent two months researching and creating a visual record of how the United States government spends our tax dollars. The end result is a 24”x 36” glossy poster—a visual story of how money moves in and out of the government.

In visual detail Death and Taxes exposes and highlights our national priorities for 2012. The numbers are public knowledge but always hidden in thousands of pages of text. Thanks to Bachman’s skill as an artist and thoughtful determination that our nation’s spending should be for public consumption, we can become more knowledgeable citizens.

For anyone who has ever paid taxes, you deserve to know how your money is being spent. Thanks to Bachman we can. This is urgent, and you can do something critical right now: you can educate yourself and every taxpayer you know about what’s really happening.

A Detailed Look at Death & Taxes

Click on images for a closer look at this stunning visual guide.

Death & Taxes is a visual guide to where federal tax dollars go.

Learn how your own taxes are spent. Total government collections and expenses for 2012. A uniquely revealing look at our national priorities. See how each department of government spends its money.

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