Pacemaker Crown Graphic large format 4×5 camera with Kodak Portra 400 negative film.

Exposure Information:
Date: 2012-01-13
Time: 8:05pm (see clock bottom centre)
Aperture: f22
Shutter Speed: 120sec.
90mm Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon ultra wide angle lens

These are from a night photography excursion I went on recently with my good friend, Wessel.

The Crown does not have a great range of movements but I did shift the lens as much as I could to reduce the convergence (which otherwise would have been cartoonishly strong). The big flare seems to be from some other source than the lens. In the full drum scan you can see it moving completely outside the visible frame into the border of the film.

This is a drum scan by the one and only Tim Parkin. Colour and fine detail is greatly improved. This image is downsized to 20 megapixel because Flickr can’t handle the 80 megapixel original.

Previous scan by my cheap flatbed is here: