Signs have been appearing downtown, about every other week. Seems like they were written by David Bradbury Haning. I’ve caught a few of them on camera.

This one says:
President George Bush made Kiddie Porn with my wife. SF Police Chief kidnapped and RAPED her while she cried. The Governor tried to kill me. Gods are a part of HELL. ALL prisoners are innocent. Feelings hurt more than nerves.

Jesus Christ lets people torture him because you can’t kill me stupid. Then I shove an ugly piece of wood up your ass, put a sliver in the worst place & hammer tacker your face. I’ll let you do it to me. To fuck with an angel is a mistake.

David Bradbury Haning = Jesus
Pia Hitler = Jesus Christ’s Wife
King & Queen Crimson = Immortal
CIA = World Wide Intelligence
I made Everything exist 6/22/71

I am the CIA. Federal Gov. Do not Remove. Tear this down and get SMACKED.