Noun Project:

I’m in love with the Noun Project. I thought I had already blogged it
here, but it looks like I never actually did it. What I did do was
spend HOURS searching through the site, exploring concepts and
graphics, deciding which graphic representation of a concept fit my
idea of what it should look like, downloading SVG copies of the
"logos" or symbols, and … well. Let’s just say I really truly spent
so many hours digging through the site that I never actually blogged

So, why am I excited about this? Part of it is because I love words,
and I love symbols. When I was growing up, my dad had several books of
symbols and symbolic logic that I loved to play with and explore. I
guess this reminds me of when I was a child. Of course, I am often
found of things that are FREE or which use Creative Commons licenses.

From the Noun Project Terms of Use:
"By using this Web site you agree to follow the licensing requirements
listed in each image’s information box. All images available for
download on this Web site are either in the public domain, or use a
Creative Commons licenses."

However, I do have practical uses for this. My family will be hosting
an exchange student next school year. They will be struggling with
English, and we won’t know much of their language. There will be a
period of time where it might perhaps be helpful to have an
alternative. Pictures sound very nice right about then. I’m thinking
of labeling various drawers and cupboards with these symbols to help
show where to find things in the house. The symbols are attractive
enough, I could see making the labels permanent! Or printing them on
label paper and sticking them to the drawers. The are so attractive, I
can easily see making these a design element in my house.

I could also see using these to create flashcards for a wide variety
of purposes. Create a challenge for design students to either create
and submit new graphics for nouns that are not yet in the collection,
or to improve upon the entries that already exist for a common
concept. Use them as topics of conversation about symbols and
cognitive structures. Why does a certain symbol work to describe a
concept? When is a visual symbol culturally dependent or independent,
and why? Oh, I (and hopefully you) could have lots of fun with this!

The Noun Project Mission:
The symbols on this site are and always will remain free. We believe
symbols can not be effectively shared with the world if they are not
Everyone likes simplicity. We want you to be able to come to our site
and effortlessly find and obtain what you are looking for. Simple as
We think a language that can be understood by all cultures and people
is a pretty amazing thing. We also think our symbols and the objects
or ideas they represent are works of art worth celebrating.
We get excited about things like scale, proportion, and shape. We are
committed to design and quality in everything we do."