Poster for Felicity international graphic competition Felicity is an international design competition is open to graphic artists all over the world. The primary objective of Felicity is to promote a debate around the basic theme of life in the community and how improvements can be made.

This Artwork like the Isadora city in the Calvino’s book Invisible Cities has two main aspects.
By one side the raw data that describe the 136 most populated urban areas in the world. This data tell us about the basic city characteristics: Population, Extension, Density ad Purchasing Power Parity. Like the subterranean lake, the data feed upper semantic levels.
By the other side the artworks presents a graphic representation of the data by exploded pie charts that may look like wells; a very complex visual scenario but coherent, like the Calvino’s description of aerial part of Isaura.
The story is an attempt to find human meaning in the raw data. Good stories, based on true data, can really enhance our cities.