blink(1), the USB RGB LED” [] is branded as a “super status light”.

The goal of the fancy indicator light is to use color, brightness and blinking patterns to unobtrusively alert a person to a specific, predefined event, such as when a a friend has signed onto Skype, when a long download has finished, or when the ideal weather conditions have been met to go out surfing. Accordingly, the USB-connected LED light follows the ambient display definition of communicating non-vital information through the periphery of human attention.

Technically, the light does not require any drivers, so it should work on any networked object equipped with a USB port. For $30 or more, this smart alert device might be yours, as the current funding level over at KickStarter is still only half-way of its primary goal of $29,000 to make it possible to mass-produce and sell it.

Via @golan.