Brand profile:
Since its birth in the fashion capital of New York, Body graphics (BG) brand has quickly swept over Europe and America with its diversified creative ideas and exquisite and ornate design, becoming the favorite of the fashionable people and brand-new personal symbols. The temporary tattoo are jointly created by contemporary decoration painter Bona Jones in Manhattan, modern city decoration designer Daniel Owen in Houston, French jewelry designer Gaia Martin and Italian tattoo artist Kat Andrea. Adhering to the concept of “It’s all about differences!”, each design is shining with wisdom and defines the glow of fashion in a small area, enabling young lives to dialogue with their soul and to create personal dream benchmark.
Positioning philosophy:
Take high-quality temporary tattoo paper as a carrier with around 25-year-old white-collar elites in cities as target customers, providing them with new options for fashion and trend so that they can be different from others and different from yesterday.
More information:
1.General version:185mm*145mm
2.Technology: imports of all raw materials: Taiwan ink, glue Korea end-paper, film Unified production, eight process, patent certification International design team, the domestic first-line designers co -jointly To reach the International cutting-edge fashion, combined with international urban chic, Explore creativity. Centre words: fashion, high-end, unique.
4.Certification: International 6P certificate of quality inspection Non-toxic, environmentally friendly 5 price: Unified national price

Product Features

  • Fashion, high-end, unique
  • International design team
  • The International cutting-edge fashion
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmentally friendly

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