Prepare for a riveting portrayal of some of the most exciting battles of ancient history as well as the tales of betrayal, lust, conquest and brutality that often accompanied them. Battles BC, the exciting series from HISTORYTM, uses computer graphics and live-action stunts to bring to life the battle strategies, tactics, and weapons of past military leaders, from Hannibal and the Romans to Moses, the Athenians, and David.

Using a graphic style similar to 300, the contemporary novel that became a Hollywood blockbuster, Battles BC shows how leaders from the ancient world fared in some of the greatest conflicts in history, exposing the truths and myths behind the legendary feats of the epic heroes and villains who didn t just wage war, but invented it

BATTLES BC features 8 historic battles on 2-DVDs including:

Moses: Death Chase
Joshua: Epic Slaughter
David: Giant Slayer
Hannibal: The Annihilator
Alexander: Lord of War
Judgment Day at Marathon
Ramses: Raging Chariots
Caesar: Super SiegeThe episode titles offer a clue as to how Battles B.C.: The Complete Season One, a two-disc, eight-part offering from the History Channel, approaches its subject matter. “Hannibal: The Annihilator,” “Joshua: Epic Slaughter,” “Caesar: Super Siege”: this is definitely not the Classics Illustrated version of the exploits of these and other ancient warriors and biblical figures. In fact, the series is loud and kinetic, flashy and unsubtle, bloody and violent, with macho voiceover narration making liberal use of words like “slaughter,” “brutal,” “butcher,” and “exterminate” while hordes of swarthy, bearded men run each other through with swords and arrows, pillage towns and fortresses, and generally wreak havoc. This testosterone-fueled tone permeates most of the episodes. In “David: Giant Slayer,” King David of Israel is portrayed as “a bloodthirsty opportunist” and compared to a Mafia don, whose tale is one of “relentless ambition, violent murder, conquests on the battlefield… and in the bedroom” (the duel with Goliath, which took place about 1015 B.C., is depicted only briefly at the beginning). In the risibly-titled “Moses: Death Chase,” the Old Testament prophet revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike is viewed as a great general, a master tactician, and one baaad man; the exodus from Egypt to Canaan is referred to as a “campaign” and explained in practical military terms (the parting of the Red Sea was apparently not quite the miracle described in the Good Book).

Battles B.C. also provides a good amount of history (some of which has been disparaged as inaccurate by various viewers) and information about ancient weaponry and strategy; for instance, in his campaign against the Gauls and their leader Vercingetorix, Julius Caesar pioneered a technique called “vallation,” erecting a wall around an entire Gallic town. Re-enactments combine real actors with computer-enhanced animation, but since the events in question took place thousands of years ago, the filmmakers largely eschew the use of flashy computer data screens and graphics seen in History Channel shows like Battle 360 and The Universe; the re-enactments are given a stylized, painterly treatment somewhat akin to that of the feature film 300, with on-camera experts weighing in frequently to set the scene. There are no bonus features. –Sam Graham

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  • Prepare for a riveting portrayal of some ofthe most exciting battles of ancient history–as well as the tales ofbetrayal, lust, conquest and brutality that often accompanied them.BATTLES BC: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE, the exciting series from HISTORY,uses computer graphics and live-action stunts to bring to life thebattle strategies, tactics, and weapons of past military leaders, fromHannibal and th

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